Frequently Asked Questions

Which information is collected?

You provide your name, Email address, sex, year of birth, willingness to travel to study site, previous COVID-19 infection, and other relevant underlying conditions.


This information is relevant as depending on the vaccination study the target population might be different. This information will exclusively be used for the purpose of identifying eligible persons for the respective study. Only team members of the University Hospital Cologne have access to this information. These will at no time be passed on to unauthorized persons.


Your data will be stored in the server of Questback, company based in Cologne, NRW. Data are not accessible by third parties at any time or for other purposes than the here provided service.

How will I be informed about vaccination studies?

You will be informed by the team of the University Hospital Cologne about upcoming and ongoing vaccination studies via the Email that was provided by you in the registration form. You decide whether you would like to contact the company directly for further information and participation.

what if I do not want to participate in the vaccination study I was just informed about?

There is no obligation to participate in any study at any time. You will simply be informed by us about the studies for which you might be eligible to participate. The institution running the study will not receive any data from us about you. Vice versa we will not receive any information from the investigators whether you have expressed interest in participating in the study. Only you decide to get in touch with the investigators.

What if I do not want to receive notifications about vaccination studies per E-Mail anymore?

In case you changed your mind and would like to withdraw your consent to get contacted by us about upcoming vaccination studies, please contact corona-impfstudien [at] uk-koeln.de. Your data entered at registration will be permanently deleted. You can only receive future notice about upcoming vaccination studies if you register again.